On Sunday, August, 15, 2021, Dr. Beverly Philip joined the District of Columbia Society of Anesthesiologists for dinner and conversation. Dr. Philip is president to the American Society of Anesthesiologists.

Dr. Philip spoke about trends and challenges facing the specialty in the market, legislatures, and regulatory agencies. She focused on scheduled cuts to Medicare reimbursement, and the ASA’s actions to prevent or mitigate those cuts. She mentioned steps that members of the DCSA can take to become more informed on payment issues, including visiting the ASA webpage on payment. This webpage contains videos to help all of us learn more about how the business of medicine is conducted.

Dr. Philip asked that all members of the DCSA contribute to the ASA Political Action Committee. Even a small contribution is helpful. When the ASAPAC speaks to elected officials, those officials get a report of how many people actively donate to the PAC. PACs that represent many people have more impact than PACs with only a small number of contributors.

Thank you all for being members of the DCSA, and the ASA. I hope to see you at our next DCSA dinner.

-Mike Brennan, MD President DCSA


Back row: Seth Akst, Jason Rose, Monty Oppenheim, Shane Angus, Mathew Kattapuram, Nick Kessides, Michael Brennan, Kevin Spenser
2nd row: Cathy Cao, Eileen Begin, Charise Petrovitch, Ioanna Apostolidou, Rhafat Hannalah, Bert Epstein, Maureen Booker-Stephenson, Angela Lee, Rob Jacobson, Palak Turnkhia

Seated: Nina Rawtani, Jim Philip, Beverly Philip, Carl Sylvester, Jennifer Feldman